Our Story

Hi my name is Vanessa Mejia, founder and CEO of Curly Queen Kit & Royalty Curls Hair Care.
Growing up it was always difficult to find hair products that would work for my curly natural hair. Being a kid there was not many hair products that catered to curly or natural hair. I remember asking my dad to relax my hair all the time as a pre-teen in middle school, being that the majority of people around me either had strait hair or relaxed hair. I did not feel confident enough to rock my natural curls. I remember being a teenager keeping my hair in a bun 50% of the time or straitening and burning it for years. It wasn't until I had my son in 2014 did I truly embrace my natural hair and gave it a chance to reach its full potential.
I went on a search to find a subscription box that was affordable and allowed me to try different products on a monthly basis without having to go to the store and look for these products myself. `