4th of July Must-Knows for Curly Queens

The 4th of July is our favorite Summer Holiday of all time! With all the fuzz and buzz that is going on right now, it just ideal to go out and soak in the sun for a day of fun! We will all go out, be patriotic, and enjoy the sun with our family and friends. We get to go to barbeques, games, and a whole lot more.

In times like these, the last thing that you would want to worry about is how dry your hair can be at the end of the day. That's is why we are bringing you these juicy must-knows to help you enjoy your 4th of July even more!

Keep your Curls Moisturized and Protected

Before leaving the house, make sure to apply your favorite leave-in conditioner to help keep the moisture in considering the unexpected amount of humidity there will be out there.

Of course, you should not leave out the Heat protectant as well. We don't want that beautiful curls damaged at the end of the day.

Summer Bun is very Fun!

It is time to explore your options with these buns if you haven't yet. You can be as exaggerated as you want to get that ideal look!

There are two ways that you can do this, the tight bun for dry hair and the loose bun for wet hair.

Buns are low maintenance and classy as well. You can style it in a way that you feel. Just like how happy you are for being a curly queen.

Wear the 4th in Your Hair

This is the best and most exciting part. Accessorizing! These are the three hairstyles that you can rock and show during the long weekend!

1. Pop that bun and finish the look with cute star hairclips that will add color to your already beautiful curls

  1. 2. Go out of your comfort zone and try that 4th of July hair Color you always wanted! Get bold!

  2. 3. No one goes wrong with a good ole 4th of July Hairband. It looks cute, simple, and proud at the same time!

Share some Loving!

The main essence of the 4th of July is to celebrate the declaration of Freedom. This best shared by sending surprises/gifts to someone that you feel deserving of!

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