Winter is closing in on us very soon! The dropping temperature in the air, the heavier winds, and the dryer air is going to start to take a toll on our curls. It's a nice break from the scorching heat, the suffocating humidity and frizz! But with the change in weather comes a change in our hair care routine.

Read these top tips we recommend on how to care for your curls this winter!

DEEP CONDITIONING It's easy to lose moisture in the hair during the cold winter months. The drop in temperature can cause the hair to become more dry and brittle causing more breakage and split ends. Try deep conditioning more during the colder months. 1-2 times a week depending on your hair and what it needs. When deep conditioning make sure to use moisturising deep conditioners and essential oils like; coconut oil, almond, olive, jojoba oil and any other moisturizing oils that will seal your ends and keep your hair soft and moisturized.


During the warmer months wash-n-gos and air drying your hair is LIFE! But when it starts to get colder you want to try and avoid the most damage to your hair as possible. Try diffusing your hair before leaving out the door into the cold, gusty air. This not only keeps YOU warmer by avoiding dripping wet hair as you walk out the door, but it seals and makes sure all the moisture is in your hair before you expose it to the dry air!


When sleeping try to wear a satin head wrap or use a satin pillowcase. This will eliminate most frizz caused by moving your head around while sleeping. When it comes down to your wardrobe, invest in SATIN lined hats, beanies, or headbands, and look into more slip surface outerwear! This will keep your curls from turning into a "bad hair day" and will keep you warm at the same time!


Liquid- leave in conditioners, liquid:water

Oil- coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil

Cream- moisturizing styling product

Gel- gel to seal in the moisture and lock in the style

Begin with freshly washed hair, and apply a leave in. Apply an oil to lock in the moisture from the leave in conditioner and/or water. For ultimate moisture, apply a styling product or cream and lock in all moisture. Finish off styling with a (non-alcohol) gel to seal in ALL the moisture and lock in the style.


Try co-washing your hair, (conditioner only wash) instead of shampoo. The conditioner acts like a gentle cleanser without stripping natural oils from the hair. If your not able to co- wash then try to use a moisturizing shampoo so you do not dry your hair out


Try steaming your hair while in the shower or with an actual steamer. Like our bodies,when our hair gets thirsty and dry it needs to be hydrated. It usually means we need water, but in this case we are talking about STEAM! While deep conditioning, or while using regular conditioner in the shower, leave the shower cap off and let the steam from your hot shower act as a treatment for your hair!

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