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Time flies so fast! Hello there, OCTOBER! Holiday season is about to start. We got your back, for your curly hair care needs. As we move forward this month, we are proud to announce y'all our featured Curly Queen for this month! Let's show love and support for LIZ PIZARRO (@_loveliz). Learn more about her Curly Hair journey and let's all be inspired in how she started it! Check out also our Monthly Magazine included in our Curly Queen Kit for FREE.


Liz Pizarro

What is your Social media handle?


Why do you want to be the Featured Queen and share your story?

I believe that there are many Queens out there like me who want to start their hair journey but don’t know where to start or lack the knowledge needed about their hair like I did. This was the main reason I started my Youtube Channel. I’m huge on self love and embracing YOU because we are all designed uniquely different from one another.

When did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural April 4th 2019.

What Made you go to Natural?

I remember washing my hair one day, putting it into a ponytail, and letting it air dry. Usually, I would blow dry my hair but didn’t this day. When it air-dried I noticed little coils at the tips. It wasn’t until a close friend introduced me to Curlfest in 2018 that I began to transition and start using healthier products to start my natural hair journey. I later saw one of my friends cut ALL her hair off and went from bra strap length hair length to it being completely short. That pushed me to pick up the scissors and chop off all my damaged hair.

How would you describe your “Hair Type”?

I was referred by a friend to take the hair quiz and according to the quiz I have 3C/4A hair. Apparently, you can have more than one type of hair on your head.

What was it like growing up with your hair type?

Growing up I was never really introduced to my hair type or taught to love my strands. “Nappy” “kinky” “unmanageable” hair was not it back then. Natural hair

What does a “wash day” look like for you?

Wash day for me would be Sundays. I deep condition once a week religiously. Whether I’m under the dryer or in my shower cap I use that day to relax and tend to my hair, mental and physical well-being. We all need that one day out of the week to check in with ourselves.

What is the first thing you check when you try a new product?

The first thing I check before trying a beer product is the ingredients (curly girl friendly) and reviews on YouTube of girls with similar curl patterns as mine.

What is your perspective on having curly hair?

There’s something about a person wearing their curls that draw you in. It screams bold and fierceness. When I wasn’t natural and wore my hair straight I always admired curly hair on others. You can’t help but want to ask questions. Some people are even bold enough to try and touch it lol. Curly hair is beautiful!

What's your favorite hairstyle when you're at home busy with your kids?

My go-to hairstyle is my high curly puff or wearing my silk bonnet.

As a mother, how can you manage your time taking care of your kids and your hair?

As a mother, time is unpredictable for me Which is why my Wash day is extremely important to me. It’s the only time I can steal a few hours to myself and can set the time. My 8-year-old son, Jacob is in tune with me when it comes to “mommy time”. He would help me with entertaining his little brother so that I can tend to my hair. Once my youngest, Junie is fed he’s ready to take a nap which buys me a little more time until he wakes up. It’s all about balance.

How often do you travel? What's your secret on making your hair look perfect in every place you go?

I always make sure I have my travel size go to’s just in case I need to refresh. Weather is unpredictable especially if it’s humid where you're going so you want to always make sure you came prepared or we will be high curly puffing it the entire stay with the slayed edges lol.

If you can tell anyone starting their journey health or hair, what would it be? Anything Else To Share?

Stick to Curly girl friendly products, have fun, and don’t use so many different types of products too often. Your hair will thank you later.

What is your message to the curly girl's community out there?

Respect the process! Embrace all of your hair journey stages! I’m so happy I loved every stage of my hair because I actually had fun with my hair journey. I heard so many women saying it was hard work but when I asked it what made it hard work it was because they didn’t find their go-to products or they were trying to figure out their go-to styles. Listen, if you can find that one styler that does it for you use it until it’s time to switch it up. Don’t get too caught up on styles. Have patience with your hair but most importantly have fun.