Updated: Apr 16

Some of us have different types of hair textures, curly, kinky, wavy. Yes, it can take a lot of effort to manage curly hair. Curly hair represents a unique styling challenge, and it can be tough to tame, but once you know how to choose the right products for your curly hair it can be transformed from unmanageable to beautiful and the process will become part of your journey to self-love and love for your curls.

Here are some general tips in finding the right product for your curly hair:


If you have hair that is not only curly but also thick, it is important to use a deep conditioner. If your hair is thin but curly, you can probably skip the heavy conditioner. If you find that your curls are tight and can get wild pretty easily, you might also want to use not only a deep conditioner but also a leave-in conditioner that you spray on after washing.


A high-quality hair cream can be a great option for curly hair, particularly if you want some hold and definition, but you do not want the firm hold that often comes with using a gel. The great thing about creams is that you can use them to shape your curls easily, but they tend to be more moisturizing than gels and products that contain alcohol, which is ideal for curls that crave a lot of moisture.

If you want an everyday, casual look, choose a cream with a matte finish, so you do not get the wet-look curls.


A styling cream might be too thick if you have fine but curly hair, and if this is the case, a cream mousse can work well. A cream mousse will give you the benefits of a traditional cream, but it is more lightweight, so your hair is not going to look weighed down.


When you have curly hair, humidity can wreak havoc on it. Luckily there are styling products designed specifically for protecting your hair against the impact of humidity. One good option is products that pair gel with oil, so you get the control of a gel, with the moisturizing effect of the oil.


If you have hair that is not necessarily curly but is instead naturally wavy, the objective should be highlighting the natural look of the waves, without smothering them in products. If your hair is wavy, you should look for styling products with light, natural oils as opposed to silicone, especially if you have fine hair. This will give your hair a good natural texture and help you combat frizz, however, your hair will look weighed down with the product.

As a final note, there are also curl-refreshing mists that you can take with you on-the-go to keep your style looking its best all day. You can simply tuck it in your bag and give your hair a spray if it is falling flat or looking frizzy and you will be back to having the picture-perfect curls you left home with.


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