No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn. Hello March! Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love.

Everybody is excited for the month! But.. Are your curls ready for the transition of the season? Don't let this season ruin your curls. Curly Queen Kit will surely take care of your curls! And also, as a tradition, we would like to present to you our Ambassador for this March. NEYSHARIE SANCHEZ (@neysharie)💜 Let us know more about her curly journey as she also shares some curly hair tips as an inspiration for us! Check her story at Curly Queen Kit Magazine Insert!


Neysharie Sanchez

What is your Social media handle?


Why do you want to be the Featured Queen and share your story?

I would love to share my story because my hair journey has made me realize too many things. I'm not only more confident but also creative. I started sharing my journey last year via Instagram, but eventually, it developed on a content creator platform, which has made me discover my creative side. I've made new friends via Instagram, discovered amazing products, and have new opportunities that I've ever imagined I would have. When I began my hair journey, I was alone, with no electricity and no internet, I had too many questions and no one to answer my doubts, so I'm happy that I can help and support other friends that are in the process of transitioning to natural hair.

When did you decide to go natural?


How would you describe your “Hair Type”?

I would describe it as 2B/3B

What was it like growing up with your hair type?

Growing up everybody around me had a different hair type; which was difficult for me because I couldn't relate to anybody and it was hard for my family to control such "crazy hair". Fast forward a few years into my childhood, my hair got chemically relaxed was due to lice. I was five years old and my mom was trying to find a solution because no other hair product was working, but the chemicals worked. Ever since not only did I believe straight hair was prettier than curly hair, but that my natural hair was ugly and IMPOSSIBLE to manage. I use to straighten my hair everywhere, even to go to the beach.

What does a “wash day” look like for you?

Definitely like a long day! I usually like to cleanse with shampoo, then use a hair mask or deep conditioner. For styling, I like to use a weightless leave-in conditioner, a hair cream, and a finish with a gel.

What is your perspective on having curly hair?

Natural hair is part of you and your daily life. Does not matter if is too curly, doesn’t have enough volume, or is too dry; learn how to love it and love yourself every day. Time, love, and patience are the best ingredients to embrace your curly, hairy crown.

What is the first thing you check when you try a new product?

I like to check that the product does not include sulfates and silicones.

What is your hair length goal? And Why

My hair length goal is to my lower back. I’ve never had long hair until I embrace my natural hair and now I just want big, long, and curly hair.

When did you decide to try different products for your hair and why?

I always like to try new products for my hair and discover new gems! That is how I achieve my best results.

Tell me about the beginning of your curly hair journey?

It was very difficult. I was using the wrong products. They were too heavy for my hair and I used to do braids all the time because if not my hair didn’t have shape and it was too frizzy.

How does your curly hair work into your daily life and OOTD?

My hair is my crown and is the perfect accessory to every event. It gives life to my OOTD and my daily routine.

What is one problem you have experienced while transitioning your curls to natural?

Controlling my frizz.

If you can tell anyone starting their journey health or hair, what would it be? Anything Else To Share?

Be patient! Enjoy every step of the journey and learn how to identify the needs of your hair.

What is your message to the curly girl's community out there?

Your hair is your crown, and is perfect!