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Get to know our Holiday Kit Featured Queen

Lorraine Sanchez Diaz

Influencer Interview 

What's your real name?


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Where are your from?

Born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico  Raised in St,petersburg, Florida

How old are you?


When did you decide to go natural? January of 2018 i stopped applying heat to my hair

What made you go natural? Honestly it was the wide variety of products that are out now that actually work GOOD with my hair and all the resources online that we now have with the whole Curly Community, that have made me Comfortable and Knowledged on how to deal with my curls. It’s Beautiful to be able to Connect & Communicate with others in the community whom I might have not met a day in my life before I started  this Journey.                                                                        What was it like growing up with your hair type?  Rough Literally lol, my mom could barely get a comb through my hair. I had a Thick Kinky Coily lil Fro growing up, it was Cute but it was always dry & frizzy cause my mom didn’t know how to maintain it being that her hair texture is very different from mine. And then the Middle school, High school years came the Perms, Hot Combs, Flat Irons, Blow outs and i was never really happy with how my hair would turn out. I mean i was Amazed at how long my hair would get when i would flat iron it and I Loved it, but my hair never looked healthy and after spending hours doing my hair, to then step outside and it would just Frizz up, Very Frustrating.   

How would YOU describe your “Hair Type”? Curly Kinky. My hair i think is still transitioning , I have some tighter curls around the Nape of my hair & Roots then looser curls at the ends   

What is your go-to styling product? A Gel, I Love a good gel to prolong my Wash-Day’s

What does a “wash-day” look like for you?  I’ll start off with a Pree-Poo if my curls are too Knotty. Depending on how much build up I have I may or may not shampoo, but when I do shampoo I try to focus on my scalp & avoid the ends as some shampoos tend to make my hair dry at the ends. Next step is Conditioning & Deep Conditioning, While conditioning i’ll start to detangle to prepare my curls for the Deep Conditioning part. Lately I have been experimenting with mixing 2 different deep conditioners & One Hydrating oil to give my hair some extra moisture while I Deep Conditioning under Steam (usually if I do this I would skip the Leave-in conditioner) . For Styling i usually go for one of my favorite gel’s, Air dry for about  30 minutes or longer then start to diffuse at about 75% dry and im out the door.                   What’s the worst product you’ve used on your hair & why? Any type of thick Styling Custard or Pudding. I find that they are just too heavy for my curls & I LOVE my Volume and these types of products just don’t do it for me. 



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