We proudly announce to everyone our featured Queen of the month, QUEEN ELIZABETH (@curlymomnson). Let us be inspired by her curly journey as she proudly shares her experiences and gives advice to those curly queens out there! 💜 Check her out at Curly Queen Kit Magazine as well. 😍


Queen Elizabeth

What is your Social media handle?


Why do you want to be the Featured Queen and share your story?

To share with other queens, kings, princes, and princesses our hair journey.

When did you decide to go natural?


What made you go natural?

Hair damage from relaxing/perming and color. Tired of spending hours in the beauty shop for straight hair.

How would you describe your “Hair Type”?

Thick, kinky curls! I just have a lot of hair on my head. Straight-up hairy!

What was it like growing up with your hair type?

I received so much curiosity and interest from people about the versatility of my hair as to why one day my hair was straight one day and the next day curly.

What does a “wash day” look like for you?

Plan plan plan! As long as I plan I am good.

What is your perspective on having curly hair?


What is your hair length goal? And Why

Right now long due to the pandemic I have only let one person cut my hair since 2010. I have not cut my hair currently since 2019...I have only had a trim.

If you were to describe your curly hair journey in one word, what would it be? And why?

Amazing because I feel free this is the type of hair I was meant to have and I fully embrace my curls!

How has your hair routine changed since being a mom? Do you find that you have more time or less time to cater to your curl?

I have the same amount of time. I am so proud that my son does see my hair in its natural state. When he sees old pictures of me with straight colored hair he is like “who is that mama”? Lol

How do you like being a mom of a kid with curly hair? Is it hard to manage your curly kids’ hair?

Love it! Everyone compliments his curls and we keep leave-in conditioner everywhere .. with family, car, all bathrooms, and school and camp bags. I taught him how to do his own hair!

What product do you enjoy most when styling your kids?

Ouidad is the first product I used with him and the smell brings back memories of his baby curls!

If you can tell anyone starting their journey health or hair, what would it be? Anything Else To Share?

Embrace the ride! Each day you will figure out what works best for your curls.

What is your message to the curly girl's community out there?

All curls are good curls!

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