Updated: Apr 16


HELLO NOVEMBER!! Thanksgiving month has come in. Everybody is getting busy prepping for this Holiday Season. But, no matter how busy we are for this season, always give time to take care of your hair as we are entering the Winter Season. Don't worry, Curly Queen Kit got you covered for that as we give proper hair care needs for every type of season!

As we move forward this month, we are also proud to announce to you all our featured Curly Queen for this month! Let's all welcome and show love for DESTINEE STRONER (@iamdestinees). 💜 As she will share her Curly Hair journey and give tips especially for this Winter Season. Let's all be inspired by how she started her journey. Check her out also at our Monthly Magazine included in our Curly Queen Kit for FREE!



What is your Social media handle?


Why do you want to be the Featured Queen and share your story?

I want to be the featured Queen to share my story and inspire other young women on their Natural Hair journey!

When did you decide to go natural?

I decided to start transitioning my heat damaged hair back in 2017!

What Made you go to Natural?

I’ve always been natural my entire life. I never had any color or relaxed hair.

How would you describe your “Hair Type”?

I don’t really have a hair type but I would describe my type as medium density-high density hair and medium thickness hair! I would say my hair is 3c-4a.

What was it like growing up with your hair type?

I didn’t care for my hair in its “natural” state just because I thought it didn't curl. I chose to flat iron my hair year-round!

What does a “wash day” look like for you?

“Wash day” for me is shampooing and deep conditioning my hair for 30 minutes under a hooded dryer. I then proceed to style my hair using a leave-in cream and twisting cream for a braid-out or twist-out.

What is your perspective on having curly hair?

My perspective on curly hair is we have the best hair! You can do so much with curly hair and it’s super versatile!

What is the first thing you check when you try a new product?

I like to check the description of what the product is best used for and the directions. This will give me an idea of the hold and use for the product.

How often do you travel? What's your secret on making your hair look perfect in every place you go?

I travel at least 5-6 times a year. Sadly, Covid-19 ruined that for this year but, I typically would style my hair in twists or braids. I use products I know I’ve used before and won’t fail me. I won’t take out the twists or braids till I get to my destination.

What’s your favorite hairstyle matching with your OOTD? And why?

I love a braid-out style and it’s the style I do the most! Super convenient and lasts on my hair for a long time!

How do you take care of your hair during Transitioning season?

During transitioning season, I like to rock my twists and braids in for at least a week Mini twists is also a great style that will last a while. Due to all the scarfs and sweaters being harsh on my ends I like to tie my hair up and wear a scarf/turban.

In this Thanksgiving season, what are the things that you are thankful for?

In this season, I’m very thankful for the abundance of blessings my family and myself have received. I realized during this pandemic many people have lost their jobs, lives, and more. But my family hasn't lost one thing and we are super grateful!

If you can tell anyone starting their journey health or hair, what would it be? Anything Else To Share?

I would tell them to not compare their journey to anyone else’s journey. Embrace your own journey and have patience. Not one head is the same and everyone’s head of hair is so unique!

What is your message to the curly girl's community out there?

Embrace your journey and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s!