Spring is the time when colors start to appear, flowers bloom and the sun shines brighter! But the most awaited part of Spring for many of us is the summer solstice. I know what’s in your mind right now, what can you do to keep your curls healthy and Spring ready?

This is the best time to lighten your hair care regimen because the strands start to become more porous. Yes! They have pores too! So let’s get to business and set you up:


During the winter, your curls needed more sealant in order to keep the moisture in. Spring is the best time to slowly switch to a much lighter product that would not bear a heavyweight on your beautiful hair. One of my favorites is avocado oil and peppermint essential oil. Find a product that contains all your sealant must-haves in one bottle.


Just like your skin, the hair needs to be protected from UVA and UVB which causes your curls to be dehydrated and dull. A hat or a scarf wouldn’t hurt. Not only will you care for your curls, but you can also start a trend this springtime.


After a long and cold winter, surely your curls are now dry and probably lead to damages like split ends. It would be healthy and wise to trim those dry ends and give your curls a fresh new look for spring! Also, follow it up with a great wash hair day using a shampoo that would promote scalp healing and better hair growth!


The most important thing is that you enjoy your curls and give it life. Step it up a bit more by using your favorite head accessories to give an appropriate spring experience. You can never go wrong with a messy bun and a pineapple pony. Mix and match! That is what spring is about for us and our curls, bloom and shine like a queen!

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