To "BIG CHOP" or to "TRANSITION" a question you may be pondering at this very moment. Most of us who have gone natural and embraced our natural curls have had to ask ourselves this very question! Which one did you choose? Do you regret it? What would you have done instead? There are tons of pros and cons to both paths along the journey to moisturized, defined, healthy natural curls.

Depending on how much damage the hair has, and from what caused it, can help you decide which path is best for you.

For some women who got relaxers or used straighteners, they may be left with heat damaged curls. Curls that have been damaged so bad that they no longer curl, the hair became more frizzy and the curls now have a wave like pattern.

Here are some pros, cons, and tips we came up with incase YOU, yourself are struggling with the right path for your curly hair journey.


  • You will retain more hair length

  • Cutting small lengths of hair at a time allows you to see your curls transform over time

  • You can do tons or twist outs & braid outs until your curl forms naturally

  • You learn about your natural hair as it grows out

  • You get to try different hair products to find what works (not sure if its a pro or con) LOL


  • Damaged ends means more frizz

  • The wet curl look is not pretty (pic above) hair at the ends are straight and ratty, while the roots have fresh new growth

  • The two different curl patterns make it harder to style, brush and detangle

  • The dry look is not as defined and the curls may look non existent


  • You get to start with a fresh head of curls no- no more damaged hair

  • Get to try different hairstyles you wouldn't normally be able to try with longer hair.

  • You get to experiment as your hair grows with different hair products

  • You now have healthy hair, no need to spend money on multiple haircuts to transition

Cons of big chop '

  • You have shorter hair

  • .....

There are not that many CONS to big chopping. This may be the only option for severe damaged hair. This is nothing to be ashamed of, you should embrace the new length and learn how to style it. Be happy because your hair is now FREE from any heat damage and can start fresh. There are tons of youtube videos and channels dedicated to women with short or transitioning curls. Do your research and remember, the hair will eventually grow back- and this time healthier than ever.

By: Curly Queen Kit

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